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Cre8ors Caricatures - personal gifts for your friends or to promote your business

Cre8ors Caricatures - personal gifts for your friends or to promote your business

Looking for a great gift for your wife/husband, friend or boss who has everything? Need an interesting promotional piece for your business? Try a caricature or group caricature!

Caricatures are perfect for those deserving special recognition, retirees, anniversaries, birthdays, confirmations, weddings and graduations. Our caricatures are custom designed to really look like you. We can put you in any situation or outfit you like. How about being drawn with your arms around your favourite film or sports celebrity?

Cre8ors Caricatures - personal gifts for your friends or to promote your businessRemember a special occasion... live your dream... fulfill your fantasy... give them to friends or loved ones as a perfect gift. Our caricatures are different. We don't use software to enhance your photo, we draw them. Our artist spends hours making your caricature special. No software can do this. Each one is an individual masterpiece of artwork. We don't just do faces, our caricatures include a body shot. We also do fantasy/kinky preferences.

As with any caricature, the more visual information available, the better a likeness can be captured. Multiple photos are ideal and please send full length photos. The more information we have, the better the likeness.

It couldn't be simpler, just send your photos by e-mail, including any special details such as hobbies, sports, background, characteristics or sayings. Go to our Prices and Orders page for details. Black on white prices start at around $40 per face with body + shipping. We also offer colour caricatures but these take much longer to produce.

Turnaround for black on white is usually a week from order plus postage time but we are able to have your caricatures done sooner, depending on deadlines and workload at the time. Colour caricatures are usually turned around within three weeks. Please e-mail for prices if you require multiple caricatures or rush delivery and we will see what we can do. We also do life-size caricatures for advertising posters etc. Check out this link.

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