Cre8ors Caricatures - personal gifts for your friends or to promote your business

Cre8ors Caricatures - personal gifts for your friends or to promote your business

Here are some samples of the kind of Cre8or Caricatures we can draw for you. Click any of the images below to see the original photo with caricature. If you wish to check the quality of our work close up click this link. Please be patient and remember that this is just a picture and does not display the full quality. The real thing is much more defined.

What are our customers saying?

cre8ors caricatures"The likeness is uncanny. I am more than satisfied with this picture. The likeness is fabulous, the company is professional and very easy to deal with. They took every detail that I wanted and created this piece of art that we will enjoy for a long time to come. My husband was speechless. Thanks again for a great gift." - Dawn (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Ah hahahahaha! This is GREAT! I love it, and I know Joe's going to love it too. You took me at my word when I said the more outrageous you made his caricature the better! Thanks - this is absolutely super........Again, this is terrific! I couldn't be more satisfied." - Karen (Michigan, USA)

"You have now done three caricatures for my family and friends. We are so delighted with the quality and value of your drawings that we are recommending your services to all our friends. They make such unique ‘thank you’ gifts." - Julie (BC, Canada)

"I received the caricature today. I am very pleased, and am sure the recipient will be delighted and pleased as well. You did an excellent job. Thank you for the quick turn around time. If I ever need to order another caricature it will be through your company. The quick response and follow-ups on e-mails provided me with ease of mind and the assurance that my order would be filled as requested. This was important to me as I had submitted an order with someone else and well ahead of the date needed. They were not timely in responding to my e-mails and made promises that my order would be filled on time. Their poor service made me uneasy and I felt sure I would not receive the caricature or that if I did, it would not be on the date needed. As a result, I ordered from your company. I am glad that I did as I have not received the caricature nor heard from them despite many calls and e-mails. You have provided outstanding service! I would refer you to anyone needing a caricature. Regards." - Carolyn (Philadelphia, USA)

"The pictures on your website no way do any justice to the product that you offer. We could not have been any more delighted. To say we were 'gobsmacked' would be an understatement. I don't know how you can produce such a high quality product for the price. Thanks a million" - Peter and Susan (Barnoldswick, England)

"Thanks for the two caricatures that you made for our recent drama production of ‘The Pirates of Penzance.’ The audience found them a hoot and you would be amazed at the number of people who commented on them." - Dave, Stagecraft and Props Director (BC, Canada)

"WOW Cre8or!! It's soooooo perfect!! This has totally made my day-- even my week! I've just been staring at it for about a half hour now and I love every part of it!" - D. Swan (Michigan, USA)

"You guys are great....sure takes the worry off of ordering over the internet. Thanks again and I will be sure to spread the word about your company when everyone is oohhing and aahhing" - Evie (New Brunswick, Canada)

"My boss LOVED his caricature. I will definitely pass on the website to everybody I know" - Pootsie (Madison, AL)

"I feel like I've been touched by a magic pencil and now I'm a Faerie! Tu m'as touchée avec ton crayon magique et maintenant je suis une fée! You are great Cre8or!" - Fleur (Québec, Canada)

"A couple nights ago in NYC your drawing was awarded to Keith Cronin for his Backspace Member of the Year award. It was a BIG HIT and everybody loved it. 'It's so YOU!' they told Keith and he absolutely adored it. He kept laughing and smiling as he noticed different things in it. I'm really confident that we're going to keep doing this year after year" - Dionne (Shelby Township, Michigan, USA)

"Thanks for the caricature. It is a great likeness of a great man, done by another great man" - Kathleen (Delburne, Alberta)

"It was a great caricature drawing and it will be a great gift. Thanks so much and I'm sure you'll hear from me again. Everyone that has seen it thought it was great." - Dee (Paducah, Kentucky, USA)

"The caricature arrived on Wednesday. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I gave it to the guys last night and it was a hit! Thank-you again very much. You will most likely be getting some more work out of this area!" - Mark (Kanata, Ont., Canada)

"Thanks a lot for this draw Cre, I'm very honored!!!" - Cross-hatch Goddess (Argentina)

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this! It is beautiful and the quality! My daughter looks amazing! It looks so much like her that I can't believe it! I have had her caracture done before, but in comparison it can't even come close to being as good as this one. This is something I will treasure for a lifetime! Thank you so much." - Carolyn (BC, Canada)

"The caricature is WONDERFUL! You do great work and I will certainly spread the word. The deciding factor for us was the reasonable price. I had received quotes from several other artists of between $300 to $500, well beyond us working girls’ salaries. Thank you once again." - Linda (Colorado, USA)

"You really amazed us with the quality. You caught our son's character perfectly. We will treasure this forever. Thank you! " - Mark (Earby, England)

"You just captured my kids personality to a tee! I had another caricature which was previously done at Stanley Park but after receiving yours, it's only fit for the garbage. There's no substitute for skill." - Manon (BC, Canada)

"I adore this picture. It's one of my favorite presents in memory, aside from my engagement ring, my kid, and my dog." - L. Cooper (Georgia, USA)

"I should say how I am so proud of your use of the great artistic talent God has given you. That is a wonderful picture of Jesus. I told Dad He (Jesus) looked familiar and Dad thought so too." - Cre8ors Mum (BC, Canada)

"OH WOWW!!! I received the caricatures just now. They are INCREDIBLE!! Simply AMAZING. I was so tickled upon opening. Please give the artist my highest regards. The details...I'm speechless. Can't wait to present this as a gift and show it off! Thank you so much." Bernadette (Texas, USA)

"I received the caricature yesterday in the mail...and it's great! Thanks so much for the awesome picture! The artist is very talented....right down to the little details :O). Thanks again!" - Claudelle (Ont., Canada)

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